This is an original 1875 sample of Russia iron installed by the Baldwin Locomotive Works on Virginia & Truckee 4-4-0 #22 Inyo when it was built.  It was recovered by the Nevada State Railroad Museum when the locomotive was restored in the 1980s.


Virginia & Truckee #12 Genoa, built by Baldwin 1873 – CSRM


Virginia & Truckee #20 Tahoe, built by Baldwin 1875 – RR Mus of Penn


Detail of Virginia & Truckee #22 Inyo lettering – NSRM


Rubbings of lettering from Virginia & Truckee #20 Tahoe and #22 Inyo
both built by Baldwin in 1875


The name, either for a person or factory, reads:
A. Y. Siber
Siber means “north” in Russian
Phonetically, Aa. Ya. Seeber.